UCID Political Platform, 2009/2010

Qorshaha Waxqabad ee Xisbiga UCID. (UCID Political Platform, 2009/2010).

20160531_205052Ucid som Summary of political manifesto

Creation of national ports council


*  Islamic Council

* Public monitoring committee.


* Fair and just systems

* Zero tolerance corruption.


* 20% of national GDP will be spent on Hospitals and national health service.


*The first 120 days in office programme


* Social benefit system(1)

UCID has worked hard in putting this political manifestation together but some would argue that it lacks depth and concrete evidence of how they are going to raise funds for the social benefit system. In addition the expenditure of 20% of GDP on national health service without implementing clear taxation policy or balancing the sheets.

For more in-depth information please read UCID’s political platform on the link below.